1989 Volvo 240 DL

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Atlanta to Nashville (Feb '01)


The Vista blew its transmission, and needed to be replaced. I wanted a wagon, and I wanted one that could tow at least as much as the Vista (2500 lbs). I already knew that four-cylinder Volvos could tow something like 3000 pounds, and I knew they were reliable as stink. (Or at least long-living.) Easy to find, except my wife insisted we get a 5-speed. (And who was I to argue?)

After much looking via BrickBoard.com and a couple other outlets, I found a great one in Philadelphia for about $3200. After I had my plane ticket paid for, I get an note from the seller that his brother had wrapped it around a tree. (Oops.) I went fishing on BrickBoard again, and got a note back from a WebTV-using used car salesman at Dyer & Dyer in Atlanta that they had just gotten one traded in. Sight unseen, I threw them a deposit, then drove down 4 days later to buy it. It was primarily as advertised, although later investigation proved the car to have come from Massachusetts, and I'm reasonably sure it was a commercial vehicle before the second owner bought it. (I'm the third owner.)



Terrible interface, fantastic support group. This is where I found mine. (They also advised against paying $400 for a Volvo 140 needing fuel system work.)

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