Ah, mysterious cars. It's difficult to say what the attraction is, or even to explain it. My 4 year old nephew is absolutely infatuated with cars already. Perhaps he just picked it up from my brother, perhaps it's genetic, perhaps it's an evolutionary trait in males. I harbored a brief interest in racing the beasts, but found it to be variously too expensive (ProRally, Improved Touring) or too boring. Not that Autocross racing is boring in itself, but when you have to hang around for 8 hours just to get in four sixty-second trials, you eventually realize it's not worth it. (As a venue for standing around shooting the breeze with other motorheads, it's great, except for the few guys who take themselves too seriously.)

Anyway, we're now on cars numbers ten and eleven, after little more than seven years of... err... collecting. With the two-wheel interest growing in proportion to the four-wheel interest, I expect our car appropriation rate to decrease. In fact, the most recent purchase was made strictly to replace another car that self-destructed. Rather than "because it's cheap and it runs," or "it's a steal at $1500 with all the equipment on it!" or anything like that.

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