For now this just includes the immediate family members with internet e-mail addresses. A bit of advertising, if you will.

Robert W. Duthie (Bob)

My father. He left Northern Telecom (now Nortel)10 years ago to start his own business, Duthie Associates, Inc. They create a lot of multimedia training programs and presentations, primarily using Authoware Professional. Despite that they switched over almost completely to Wintel PC's from Macintoshes, Graham and I still talk to him. Send him e-mail at or snoop around

Oddly enough, my parents got a boat in April 1999, and now dad is looking to retire so he can boat more. Sounds good to me, but evidently I've got a few more years of work in me, so the plan is for me to take over the business by about January, 2003. I've gotten used to using the Wintels. (Hey, at least I've got Windows NT on my desktop machine at work. Or did, until moving up to a Windows XP Pro notebook. Turns out it's handy to be able to take all your files home without saving them to a CD-RW every time.)

Graham S. Duthie

My older brother. He's worked at Ford's Electrical and Fuel Handling Division ever since graduating from University of Minnesota about 7 years ago. They send him on a bunch of trips to Brazil, Europe, and what-not so he can sample really nasty things they pass off as fuel in some places. He also runs a small framing shop on the side. Art Package is located in Ann Arbor, at the corner of Main and Washington, above Mongolian Barbeque. The main purpose behind Art Package is to provide good quality, low cost frames. Personally I think he should work up a WWW site to supplement his short store hours, but hey. --Whaddya know, he's since gotten way more into HTML than I ever will. His site was, but he let the domain expire, and some evil dinks took over the name and redirected it to some bad stuff. (Which I've been told is so bad it even tries to stick a virus on your computer, so don't go typing it in to see what it looks like, either. You've been warned.)

Update -- okay, so now I've done more web programming than he likely ever will. Guess I was wrong.

Okay, Art Package is closed these days, but it does take up a lot of space in his basement studio, which will, in theory, one day be cleaned up enough to be a truly functional studio.


Last updated: 4 January 02