1990 Ford Festiva



Quite Loud. This Festiva was the street car of one Ken Cashion, who bought it new some time ago. He eventually modified it slightly for use as an SCCA Pro Rally car. Welded roll cage, racing seats with 5-point harnesses, Eibach springs, huge K&N intake filter, Supertrapp exhaust... It's really quite a list, and includes Pirelli gravel tires, Yokohama tarmac tires, and Hakkapeliitta snow tires. (They're Finnish. And the Fins know snow, I tell you.)

I raced it in the Season-Ender Solo II last year, and boy did it suck. Got a fair bit of attention, but it's really not set up to run little sprints like that. Also, because SCCA classification rules are lame, the car got stuck into E-Prepared, and almost entirely empty class. I competed with another Festiva that had perhaps 300bhp (HEAVILY modified...) and a Mazda 323 that had full-on, ultra-sticky racing tires. I had a welded roll cage that weighs a whole lot. Thus I got stuck in EP. Stupid. On the other hand, the H-Stock Festiva also beat me, so there's much to be said for the driver, as well. I imagine the car will be better as a Solo I (time trials) car, and of course it's set quite well for Pro Rally.

I would have had it ready for the 1998 Sno*Drift ProRally, but they cancelled it. Something about soft roads and not wanting to piss off the county such that they're not invited back next year. Sigh. Trouble is, that was the closest ProRally to Detroit, and I have no Fridays free this year to take off early to play. Hopefully something else will come up.

In the meantime, I realized the Yokohama A008 road racing tires were absolutely dead-shot. The wear indicators did their job just fine, but they only work if you look at them and register what they're telling you. So now I have a cheap-ass set of "Eldorado" S-rated all-seasons. They were cheap, they got installed quickly, and they're safer than worn-out race tires. And snow tires, which I hear chunk up in hot weather. Of course this forces the issue of fixing the front-right fender sooner, since I don't really want to screw up even crappy new tires by driving them on a really bad alignment.