1985 Honda Civic Wagon



Civic in the garage.The Civic Wagon was a secondary replacement car, purchased at the same time as the Justy. It cost $900 cash, ran pretty well, looked funky, and could carry a bunch of stuff, plus the seats folded down in about 23 different configurations, aaand it had a cool pop-up vent in the center of the dash.

And then I took it to RenCen Mechanical, and damned if they didn't tell me it needed a heaping pile of suspension work to replace broken and worn components. An estimate for everything it needed, including a timing belt change (just in case), came to $1400. Ouch. Again this is a lesson to have used cars checked more thoroughly before buying them. (Since I bought the Civic and Justy at about the same time, I was unable to learn said lesson in time to help the second purchase.)

PennDOT about to dig us out finally.In advance of the yearly Easter trip to see Piet Foster and Cheryl Davidson in NYC, I managed to get the tailgate opened, then bought new tires for the front. The car did great on the trip, but coming back through Pennsylvania, some bumhead had a wreck in the snow about 5 miles ahead of us, blocking the highway completely. We and about 200 other poor bastards sat out on the highway for a full 18 hours, watching the snow pile up around us. By the end of it, there were about 18 inches of snow on the road. PennDOT dug us out at 7:40am the next morning (we'd stopped at 2:30pm), and we drove the rest of the way home. It's actually fortunate we took the Civic, because that meant we could fold one of the front seats flat to make a short area to sleep in. (It would have been even more comfortable if there hadn't been a bunch of swag from Ikea in the back.)

The Civic also sold at the same time as the Justy (December, 1997), for $500. It had burned oil since we got it, most likely due to cylinder bore wear, and thus needed a ring job. An expensive proposition, even if I'd been able to do the work myself. Still, I'm fairly sure it will run another year, so long as the gentleman who bought it keeps the oil up.