Long Distance Riding

No, really, it's a dangerous habit. Eventually you get to the point that you really can't be happy with local roads (especially in Michigan, sigh), so you start taking longer and longer trips to get to different places and see different people (and ride different roads)... Pretty soon you scoff at the idea that a 1000 mile day is anything difficult. Fortunately, I've not yet reached the point of thinking a 1500 mile day is easy. Be afraid.

One nice trick I learned during the Capitol 1000 rally was that it's really not that difficult to park the bike and sleep on/next to it for a while, and that it beats the hell out of falling asleep on a moving bike. So far, the axiom that "No one f***s with a motorcyclist" is holding true. But then you realize you need a really louad alarm if you want to wake up before dawn. I need to work on that part.


April 2002 and 2003 The Hopeless Rally: 1200+ miles on a Ninja 250R in 24 hours. (Ouch.)
October 2000 The 2001 Iron Butt Rally, about which I promise I will write someday. (I took some photos, though, and they're at www.ldrphotos.com
In between years Lots of other rallies and places...
October 2000 St. Louis Food Run (MO)
October 2000 Feast in the East VI (Morganton, NC)
August 2000 Butt Lite II (worked at Columbus, OH)
July 2000 Midwest Fest (Elkhart, IN)
May 2000 Kansas City Steak Run (MO)
May 2000 Minneapolis, MN, to Seattle, WA
April 2000 Crawfish Boil (McComb, MS) & New Orleans, LA
October 1999 Feast in the East V (Morganton, NC)
Juny 1999 Echo Lake Corn Boil (Halifax, NS)
 June 1999 Capitol 1000 Rally (Hagerston, MD)
 May 1999 Duluth, MN, to Kearney, NE, to
Kansas City Steak Run (MO)
 September 1998 The Art of the Motorcycle Exhibit (New York City, NY)

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