Capitol 1000 Rally - 1999 Photos

Please help! I realized I only remembered the names of about 1% of the riders in these photos! If you can identify anyone to make my captions more accurate, please let me know. I've used letters or "(___)" in place of names I've forgotten or never knew to begin with.

Photos taken between 0630 and 0700 just before the start of the Capitol 1000.

1. Airyn Darling
2. Larry Fears at the morning riders' meeting
3. Richard Bernecker's Rolling Bordello
4. A, B, and Richard Bernecker
5. Mike Galloway and Caroline Demelo
6. Elena Gustchina
7. Ahmet Buharali & Airyn
8. Another of Larry
9. Group shot A
10. George Mastovich getting ready as Bob Ryan grins
11. George and Bob again
12. Gary Dehner with coffee and sun in his eyes
13. Dale & Tracy Horstman
14. H & Chris (___)
15. George, Airyn, and Chris (___)
16. Ken Trass preps while Bob Voll strikes a pose
17. L, Todd Peer, and N
18. O checks out the Deere-Kawasaki 250 while Bob Broeking examines his route
19. Red Gold Wing lined up and ready to go
20. S and Art Holland just about ready
21. Q (on black RT) and R, with John Laurenson posing and Caroline Demelo eating breakfast in background

Photos taken during the rally

22. T & U going over their next move near the Locust Grove bonus
23. Pearl Buck's home lit up by a stock Concours hi beam at maybe 11pm

Photos taken after the rally

24. Mark Elledge, Dale with blue Loctite, and Tracy
25. Leon Begeman on the Deere-Kawasaki chatting with Airyn
26. Textural (Leon could probably tell you how it got that way.)
27. The State Line Motel
28. Capitol 1000 webmaster Ted Verrill on his way out (Though David Le Brun thinks this might be him...)
29. Ahmet, drunken biker scum : )

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