1986 Kawasaki Concours

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Apr 00 Detroit to Nashville
Jul 00 MidWest Fest 2000 (Elkhart, IN)


My first Concours had been rotting in the garage for a couple of months, when along came a post to the Rangers list (Ann Arbor local yokel riders) that Dave Lorman was delling his Concours. Dave, as I already knew, babied this bike. A quick drive north to Ann Arbor in April, a check for $2300 (altogether), and my brand-new 1986 Concours was on the road back to Nashville.

The dear beast even drove along under butt to assist me in the MidWest Fest 2000. I still think Don was pulling my leg when he said I won, but everyone else says it's true—this also means I'm entered in the 2001 Iron Butt Rally. This, in turn, means I'm probably crazy. Time will confirm this, I'm certain.


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Woodlawn Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio, during the MidWest Fest. Nearby but not visible are the graves of the Wright brothers of American aviation fame.

Cemetery near Redoak, Ohio, during the MidWest Fest. Near my feet as I took this picture was the grave of Rosie Riles, aka Aunt Jemima.


Configuration Inline 4 cylinder, DOHC 4-valve, transversely mounted
Materials Aluminum block (?) & head
Displacement 997 cc
Power 82 bhp @ 9000 rpm (rear wheel)
Redline 10000 rpm
Transmission 6 speed sequential manual
Wheels cast aluminum
Curb weight ~660 lb dry
Fuel 7.6 gal
Cargo Plenty enough
Zero to 60 mph
Top speed 130 mph (?)
Standing 1/4 mi  


Concours Owners Group (COG)

The North American owners group. Even Tennessee has its own director now, and there are various rides in the region to provide a chance to sit around breakfast and yak about bikes in general.

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