2000 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

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Apr 00 McComb, MS, and New Orleans – 2-up (Crawfish Boil 2000)
Apr 00 Townsend, TN, and Deal's Gap (250 'Nationals')
Pictures available.


Purchased new off-the-lot from America's Motorsports in Nashville, Tennessee. I'd been in Nashville for nearly three whole weeks before the bug to ride got too strong again – the old Concours was dead in the basement, waiting for me to fix the front brakes. I figured in the meantime I needed to ride. Had a bit of trouble accessing existing funds to buy it that day, so I called Citibank to widen the credit limit a bit. Paid in full on Visa, earning me points to buy another new car at some point. Ironic, no?

It's been a fine bike. The first 6 months saw 5,000 miles, including a 1,200 mile, two-day, two-up trip to the Crawfish Boil at Shane and Karen Smith's in McComb, Mississippi. We ended up leaving a bit early to ride to New Orleans, where we could stay at a friends' house for free. Then rode back the next day. Peg commented that she's glad she made the trip, but she's not doing it on that bike again. I'd also note that fuel mileage suffered 2-up on the interstate (Normal is 50-60 mpg, we barely made 40 mpg on that trip.) Plus it burned oil, but running at 10,000 rpm for 8 or 9 hours straight tends to do that, from what I'm told.


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Nashville Tomato. Heh.

Pictures from the Deal's Gap trip, April 2000. (Aka the 250 National, since at least two 250's showed up. There were, in fact, four.)


WristRest throttle lock

Simple, effective, attractive, high-quality throttle lock machined from stainless steel. Comes with a matching bar end for the left side. Purchased direct from the fabricator, Rat Race Cycle. They were recommended to me, and I will recommend them to any who ask.

I enjoy having a throttle lock on a 250 cc bike. It's silly. Strangely enough, it does get used enough to justify it.


Configuration Parallel 2 cylinder, DOHC 2-valve, transversely mounted
Materials Iron block (?), aluminum head
Displacement 248 cc (~1/2 cup)
Power 28 bhp @ 13,000 rpm (rear wheel)
Torque 14 lb-ft @ ? rpm (rear wheel)
Redline 14,000 rpm
Transmission 6 speed sequential manual
Tires Front 100-80/16 Dunlop K630F
Rear 130-80/16 Dunlop K630
Overall 80.1 in L x 28.0 in W x 43.1 in H
Dry weight 304 lb
Fuel 4.8 gal
Zero to 60 mph 5.5 sec
Top speed 115 mph (I personally think this is an indicated top speed, so really it's closer to 104 mph)
Standing 1/4 mi 15.5 sec



This really is Ninja 250 central on the web, at least in the States. Includes most of what you'd need. Has a great discussion board with a somewhat lousy interface. Also has gobs of pictures, with a few good ones.

NinjaSport Forums

Upstart discussion board with a much better interface than the old one.

Ninja 250 FAQ Well-kept by a guy in Louisville. (Aka Jeb on the discussion list.)
Motorcycle Online Review An okay review of the 2000 model. They misreport the range as 190 mi, however. I typically go 210-220 miles before hitting reserve. 230 mi is a realistic range unless you ride two-up on the interstate — then the range is about 160-170 mi.

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