I can't really explain where my interest in vehicles came from. But somewhere between borrowing my brother's Fuji racing bicycle for a year and learning to look where I'm going rather than where I am, I realized I had developed a keen interest in motion. Vision, kinetics, and reflex, wound together in a most satisfying way.

I eventually had to discern why it was that while I like inline skates and FIA World Rally Championship, I really think downhill skiing and oval track racing are silly. I finally decided it's because I prefer the vehicle to be able to take me somewhere other than the place I started. Downhill skis take you to the bottom of the hill (but never up again), and the typical NASCAR (don't get me started on stick-on headlights and two-door, rear-driveTauruses) takes you from point A to point A via something as exciting as a 3-point turn. Inline skates can take you all over town, and a World Rally Championship (or SCCA ProRally, in the race-challenged USA) actually sends cars hurtling through farmland, small towns, and dusty roads. Roads that go places.

For your amusement and mine, I list below every self-powered vehicle I've ever owned, with stories and so forth to match. The numbers go to generalities of wheel numbers, and the individual model names shortcut right to the poop about the given vehicle.


Concours 2 | Ninja 250R

past Concours 1 | 454 Ltd
other Long Distance Riding

present Focus | Neon | Caravelle
past Volvo | Vista | Simca | Omni
Tracer LTS | Festiva | Justy
Civic | Bonneville


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