Detroit Institute of Arts

Kresge Court

My brother and I went to the DIA when I was in my 1st year of college. Of course my main thought was how awful and burned-out the nearby houses were, but I got over that issue later on. Mostly I was impressed by the extent of their contemporary art collection. I even recognized several works from my art history class in high school, so you can imagine I was pretty thrilled. We still go back now and then for special exhibitions and such, though Peg and I have been too lame to become actual members.

The DIA is a neat building--lots of pieces of buildings sort of glued together in the middle, so it never makes much sense as you try to work your way through the museum. This is how a museum should be designed, though--it should force you to wander through various collections that you might not otherwise look at, and it should make it easy to make wrong turns, letting you discover still other sections you couldn't remember ever seeing before.

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Last updated: 19 May 96
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