change log

July 30, 2003
Wow, I finally updated a couple of things. Stripped out some of the snotty, twenty-nothing snipes, got the cars up to date (or at least accurate), and... well, that's it for now. Need to switch to a proper PHP-based site with CSS instead of icky old font tags, but that will come at a later date. Oh, and the site is no longer served by the Quadra 610, although that would be sort of cool. The Quadra still lives above the desk, though, looking just like a box of tasy pizza. I did ditch the BellSouth email, though. It just collects Spam these days while my regular account lives mostly unmolested, since BellSouth can't sell out addresses it doesn't own.

February 1, 2001
It's after 2 am, but I've just finished installing NetPresenz 4.1 on my old Quadra 610. You're seeing this site as served from a vintage Macintosh pizza box. Fortunately BellSouth changed their ADSL customers over to fixed IP addresses a little while back, then enabling me to establish a presence using the home machines. I'm also running an SMTP/POP3 and a Macjordomo server. Isn't science grand? Now if only I could think up a less self-indulgent-sounding domain name.

I will note that part of the reason I'm doing this is that BellSouth's e-mail servers have gotten too slow for me, and I'm hoping this will be a better solution. At worst, I'll be able to download attachments faster, since my e-mail server is on a 10 kbps connection from my desktop machine. So now to begin switching my e-mails over.

July 13-19, 2000
Updating the design overall. Let's just call it the narrow column, blue text look. Also updated motion and added pages for the Focus and the Ninja. I'm finding out that Macromedia can't write a reliable, predictable, GOOD Mac program to save their miserable lives. Nonetheless, Dreamweaver beats everything else I've used.

April 18, 2000
Pictures of a Ninja 250 gathering at Deal's Gap, a famous convergence of good riding roads in the Smokey Mountains.

March 29, 2000
Got DSL, which includes a account. Bye bye Mindspring. (They were fine, they're just redundant now.)

October 13, 1999
A short piece on my little fuel problem on the Concours.

June 26-27, 1999
Added the photos for the Capitol 1000. Updated the image section (added 1 whole picture, in the Industrial category). Updated the bit on the cat, along with a couple of photos.

June 17, 1999
Threw together a trip report for the Capitol 1000.

Week of May 24, 1999
Got everything linked together, blank index pages and all. Also figured out just where it is that Mindspring wants me to put my www files and how to coerce Adobe PageMill into putting them there.

April 19, 1999
Work began on the new site.
Why can't I put a br between a head4 and a body?